Center Yourself

While Blue Dog is a term historically associated with fiscally conservative, socially moderate Democrats, the underlying principle of this site is to serve as an online gathering place for moderates of all stripes — be they Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and any one else who does not feel entirely comfortable with any one party.

While we shy from labels, we tend to identify ourselves less with a party than as moderates, centrists or independents.  

The Blue Dog’s philosophical underpinnings include the following:

  • No one group, political party or organization has corner on truth, justice and the American Way
  • It is a sign of intelligence, not weakness, to weigh all sides of an issue before reaching a position
  • The middle is where things happen and the solutions lie
  • The public is served by more common sense and less emotion
  • The ability to cross party lines is a right that should not have to be explained
  • Diversity includes the right to think freely and openly without fear of retribution or labeling 
  • A free press is invaluable, but only when it is responsible 





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