Welcome to California Blue Dog

This site is for centrist Californians who are drawn to the intersection of politics, policy and press, but repelled by the rampant lack of civility, common sense and open-minded dialogue involving our elected officials, policy makers and the news media.

This site was created out of a growing frustration at how the fringes of each political party dominate policy discussion, especially in the media. Emotional rants and rhetoric make great press. But they do little to foster solutions and compromise. So if you feel like you want to engage civil discourse, feel free to join in the discussion and make Cal Blue Dog your sanctuary.  

The CalBlueDog blogger is Stevan Allen, a Central Valley Democrat who grew up in Modesto, the son of independent-thinking Republicans. He has spent his 24-year career working in and around journalism, communications, public policy and politics. The views expressed here are his alone, and may or may not be related to issues or projects he is currently working on in Sacramento.   

2 responses to “About

  1. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy

    Hey how you doing? My name is Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, here in San Diego. We actually started the San Diego Blue Dog Democratic Club and received a charter from the County Party. Perhaps we could connect and talk.


    Will Rodriguez-Kennedy

  2. calbluedog

    Thanks very much for getting in touch. Would love to chat. Frankly, the blog has languished a bit given my workload with my business. But I am considering opening it up for others, such as yourself, to post items. Make is a broader forum for discussion that strays away from partisanship – from moderate Dems and Republicans. We really need to restore common sense to California and the vast majority of people in the center need a voice. My phone number is (916) 448-1336. Sometime next week after May 30 would be good for me. Thanks again for getting in touch and letting me know we are not alone. Best, Stevan Allen

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