A Doddering DC Hurts California

dog_snarling1Let’s get this right out front: The Blue Dog is an Obama supporter. While certainly not in lock step with everything the President says and does, the Blue Dog thinks he is the right man for the job at this onerous time in our nation’s history.  It’s not his fault that Godzilla had already taken over Wall Street and the nation’s economy by the time he moved into the White House. The Blue Dog bristles at the daily barbs and self aggrandizing attacks on the President by the Hannity, O’Reilly and their ilk. There is little, if anything, constructive about them.

American moderates of all stripes are pulling for this country to get its act together and witness some WWII era unity. But the AIG scandal is starting to say more about the incompetence of Capitol Hill and shakiness of the Administration than it does about rampant and obscene corporate greed. This episode isn’t some abstract scandal that happens 3,000 miles away. U.SSen. Christopher Dodd does California a disservice when he denies and then later admits he knew and approved language paving the way for obscene bonuses. It also gives ammo to the right wingers when it surfaces that Dodd is the top recipient of AIG political contributions over the years, as the Wall Street Journal reports today. 

All this bumbling and doddering damages credibility in Sacramento as well. It undermines efforts by Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders to convince the public to support upcoming ballot propositions that would increase taxes in exchange for spending caps and tighter reins on fiscal accountability.  Government needs to prove it can police itself, as well as a corporate America receiving billions from taxpayers. 

The Blue Dog weighed in yesterday leaning heavily in support for Prop. 1A, which is on the California ballot this May. But the mess in Washington creates a perception 1A supporters will have to work overtime to overcome. While government cannot always run like business — they are indeed two separate animals — Sacramento needs to lay out clear metrics, oversight controls and layers of accountability to ensure the ballot measures in fact do what they are supposed to.


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2 responses to “A Doddering DC Hurts California

  1. GregA

    “American moderates of all stripes are pulling for this country to get its act together and witness some WWII era unity.”

    I agree. But I didn’t hear a lot of appeals for “acting together” and for “unity” during the Bush Administration. I agree that the inane nit-picking of the Hannitys and O’Reillys is juvenile and empty, but so were the grousings of the Olbermans and Matthews during Bush’s Administration

  2. An old friend

    Politcians — wherever they reside, D.C. to Sacramento and points in between — don’t seem to get it that Amercians are sick and tired of the “they did it to me, so I’ll do it to them” partisan mentality. It’s juvenile, it’s insulting and it’s self-perpetuating. Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s pouting now is no more insulting than the left-wing ranters the past eight years. I want to believe Obama can rise above it. It takes a bigger man than most in Washington to do it, but I think he will. Someone has to break the cycle. It’s the only way something will get done for the good of the country.

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