2010 Governor’s Race to the Center

Main DogA surprising data point in Sunday’s New York Times: “38 percent of Americans say they are Democrats, 28 percent call themselves Republicans, and another 29 percent identify as independents, according to an average of national polls conducted last year by The New York Times and CBS News.”

While some of those calling themselves independent may be at the extreme ends of the political spectrum, the Blue Dog assumes most inhabit the center, and even may be registered in either party. We all know how shamelessly politicians pander in the primaries to their respective party’s ideological base. But then for the general election, they move to the center. 

If Californians mirror the national statistic, then nearly a third of the electorate is in the center. Given this assumption, the Blue Dog thought it would be an interesting exercise to flash forward to the fall of 2010.  So how do the proclaimed and suspected candidates for Governor look through a centrist lens? Tell the Blue Dog what you think by answering this quick poll, and forwarding to anyone whose opinion you respect. And if you think of any serious name who has been omitted, let the Blue Dog know. If we get a good turnout, we may do a runoff. 

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