In Praise of Breaking Ranks

dog_withboneThe Blue Dog offers kudos to the Republicans with the guts to break ranks and vote as they saw fit — not as they were ordered to do. The Sane Six: Roy Ashburn, Abel Maldonado, Dave Cogdill, Mike Villnes, Roger Niello and Anthony Adams — realize people are elected to solve problems and represent their constituents — not the simple-minded edict of political party.

And this goes for Dems too.  The Blue Dog would be on a beach in Hawaii if he had been paid a buck for every time he’d heard that a piece of ill-conceived legislation had been voted out of committee or sent to the Senate/Assembly/Governor as a favor to a colleague who shared a “D” after his or her name. So, Dems, how about taking a page from the Sane Six and vote your own convictions this session?

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