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American Journalism 2.0?

dog_withboneThe Blue Dog is heartened and intrigued by an item a few months back in the New York Times – “Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Community Watchdogs.” The piece explores an emerging form of journalism and cites VoiceofSanDiego.org as an example of “a brand of serious, original reporting by professional journalists — the province of the traditional media, but at a much lower cost of doing business.” Similar operations are popping up in New Haven, Twin Cities, Seattle, St. Louis and Chicago, the paper reports.

At a time when credible media sources are shrinking and online journalism remains highly suspect, this nascent development is worth keeping an eye on as new model for the journalism of tomorrow.  It gives this Blue Dog a bit of hope that newspapers may find a way to adapt after all. Definitely a bone to chew on.

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